7 Strong Ideas on Who Has a Naughtier Mind. Men vs. Women!

7 Strong Ideas on Who Has a Naughtier Mind.
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Men and women are both capable of having a dirty mind during sex, although they may be thinking about different things. 7 Strong Ideas on Who Has a Naughtier Mind. Men tend to focus on the physical act itself, while women are more apt to fantasize about being with another man or woman, or perhaps even an animal or two. To get the full picture of what goes on in people’s heads during sex, take this quiz on who has a naughty mind between men and women!

The naughty list. 7 Strong Ideas on Who Has a Naughtier Mind.

People with wicked, naughty minds are often passionate people who know what they want and are willing to take action. This is great news for those who find these individuals sexually attractive because they’re wild in bed! But it can be frustrating if you’re just trying to have a normal conversation with someone like that — or even worse if you happen to be married to them!

You see while having a naughty mind can make sex exciting, it may make other aspects of life pretty awkward. A naughty mind needs an outlet (sex) so it’s probably not best suited for working at an office or on a long car ride. To lose weight safely but quickly, switch to a sugar-free diet.

What makes us have a naughty mind? 7 Strong Ideas on Who Has a Naughtier Mind.

A naughty mind may be seen as a good thing; however, too much of it can get you into trouble. Sometimes that is what we need to have an extra boost in our sex life with our partner; however, other times it might be taken wrong and may not lead to anything good.

A naughty mind does not always mean you want to play out your fantasies or experiment sexually; rather, it’s having some ideas on how to spice up your sex life which could lead to something more enjoyable for both you and your partner. 7 Strong Ideas on Who Has a Naughtier Mind. Many things can make us think about wild sex or even try new things when it comes down to our fantasies including an increase in testosterone, ovulation, stress levels, sleep deprivation, and alcohol consumption.

Ways to open up your partner.

Everyone has their way of opening up to their partner for dirty talk and more—from dressing sexy to talking about your fantasies during dinner to watching porn together. Just as every person is different, every relationship is unique, too. These tips should get you started with finding your perfect way to open each other up for dirty talk and wild sex!

Naughty communication tips.

It’s no secret that men think about sex more than women do, according to research. A study by researchers at UCLA found that, on average, men think about sex every 52 seconds and are aroused for 30 minutes out of every hour! However, there’s no reason why women can’t enjoy that feeling as well. There is power in words and talking dirty can be very sexy when done right! Here are some naughty ways to get your man thinking of you during work… (If they want it.)

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Oral sex tips.

No matter your gender, it’s always good to know what your partner likes and, if you’re in a relationship, it can be super fun to experiment with new things together. But where do you start when you’re just beginning to explore oral sex? 7 Strong Ideas on Who Has a Naughtier Mind. Don’t worry!

We asked Dr. Kat Van Kirk, sex therapist and author of Sex Made Easy for Men, for some tips on how men can best please their female partners in bed and get her wild about receiving oral love—because knowing what she likes goes both ways! In fact, studies show that women who were self-aware about their orgasmic ability had more orgasms than those who didn’t know what they liked!

Wild sex tips.

There’s no denying that oral sex is one of those things that couples often feel like they have to do to maintain their relationships, but it doesn’t have to be so staid and predictable! To get your relationship on track or spice up an existing one, use these tips and engage in some wild sex…

Even if you consider yourself shy or inhibited, it doesn’t matter — everyone has naughty thoughts from time to time; it just takes bringing them out in the open for you and your partner to act on them. From role-playing to dirty talking during sex, here are 10 ways for men and women to make wild sex even better!

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How to be bolder in bed.

One of our favorite things about sex is that you don’t have to be shy. There are so many ways to be bold in bed and oral sex is one of them—and we think it’s an especially satisfying form of getting wild in bed because men and women both tend to love it so much! If you want to be bolder in bed, there are two ways you can go with oral sex: Take Control or Sit Back. So which do you choose? Well, here’s how they work…

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