10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want You to Try During Humping.

10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want.
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Introduction. 10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want.

Couples who engage in rough sex have been found to be more satisfied in their relationships and to have more positive communication patterns than those who don’t practice rough sex (1). Moreover, couples who engage in intercourse while facing each other, often referred to as humping, have also been found to experience higher levels of relationship satisfaction and communication (2). Why do these sexual positions lead to better sexual relationships? Here are 10 secret sex positions women really want you to try during humping that you can use to improve your sexual experiences together.

10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want

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Why do you love this blog? 10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want.

I love how they give you as much detail as possible with each example. The word secret also has me curious. I want to know what these secret sex positions are and how easy it is for me to master them and wow my partner. Because that’s what every man wants, right? 10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want. To be able to make their lady fall head over heels for them.

1) Missionary with a twist

Missionary is one of those timeless classics—it’s been around for ages, it feels intimate and cozy, and you can do it pretty much anywhere. It also gives a lot of freedom for each partner to explore what feels good without being too restrictive about it. But if your sex life with your partner is getting a little stale, consider adding these 10 twists on missionary position into your bedroom activities. One or two are probably enough for most couples; don’t try them all at once (you might get tangled up).

2) Doggy Style

Doggy style is a romp that goes down best when both you and your partner are comfortable, so you can get all up in each other’s business. 10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want. Doggy style is, in fact, one of women’s favorite sex positions—one survey found that nearly 70 percent of women say they like it!

It’s a humping spot for many because he can rub her G-spot with his shaft or gently thrust into her, and she doesn’t have to work very hard—plus there are multiple opportunities for him to pull out at any time and use his hands. One study found that 25 percent of women prefer being on top but also enjoy being on bottom when done right.

3) Cowgirl

A woman straddles her partner and rides him with fast, piston-like movements. In other words, she’s on top. Because cowgirl is more about movement than thrusting depth, it’s a great position for women who have trouble achieving orgasm from penetrative sex alone. Many women like doggie style because they can move in such a way that puts pressure on their clitoris.

4) Reverse Cowgirl

In a 2010 survey of Cosmopolitan readers, participants voted reverse cowgirl (aka riding your guy), one of their all-time favorite sex positions. 10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want. There’s no doubt that it can be super stimulating for him as you’re in control of what you do, and how fast or slow you take things. In fact, research suggests that men are more likely to orgasm during female-dominant sex positions. This means if you want even MORE ways to make your man’s jaw drop during sex…this is probably a good place to start.

5) Taking Turns

One of my secret sex positions women love is taking turns. Now, I know that doesn’t sound very exciting—after all, it’s something we do in school or when we drive. But take turns during sex? That’s hot. The idea behind taking turns is to surprise your partner with a position they don’t think you know how to do.

10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want. Maybe, you saw it in a porn flick or one of your friends told you about it—hell, you could even read an erotica novel and remember a specific position from there. Regardless of where you got it from, try new positions without telling your partner beforehand and see what happens when they are blindsided by one of your special moves.

6) Standing Up

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your sex life, try standing positions. Not only are they fun, but research shows that men actually last longer during intercourse when standing as opposed to lying down. It takes much more effort for a man to maintain an erection when he’s standing up and thrusting against his partner; therefore, it lasts longer. Plus, it’s good for your core! Nothing kills an orgasm like a weak core.

7) Bent Over

Next time you’re feeling adventurous, bring her to orgasm by making love in a standing position. She bends over, putting her hands on a surface for support and you enter her from behind. This position is perfect for when you want deep penetration that’s guaranteed to hit just the right spot inside of her (think G-spot).

10 Secret Sex Positions Women REALLY Want. As she reaches orgasm, grab one of her legs and pull it up high so she can feel your member even deeper. She’ll definitely appreciate it! Bent Over sex is extremely intimate; make sure to keep eye contact with each other as she orgasms and pulls one of your legs into a stand-up doggystyle humping session. This will set off wild chemistry inside both of you!

8) Sitting Up

Sex is supposed to be more than just a physical act. When done right, it’s also an emotional release and a way of making love, not just having sex. For example, if you’re trying out some new humping techniques on your wife or girlfriend, start off with something simple: sitting up straight while she leans back against you. The warm water from a shower might feel nice too.

9) Face-to-Face (Trust us!)

For most people, regular sex is more than enough. And that’s fine! But if you and your partner are looking for something a little different, we’ve got plenty of secret sex positions for couples who want to shake things up. This one is pretty basic: The only thing you need is a bed, although some sort of headboard could be fun, too. Face-to-face can be hot because it means eye contact—not just physical but emotional as well.

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