10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed.

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10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed. So you know that speaking Spanish in bed will drive your Latina woman wild… but do you know why? If not, read on! Here are 10 reasons why Latina women love it when their man speaks Spanish to them during sex and how you can use it to spice up your own Latin love life today.

1) It feels sexy.10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed

Learning another language, including speaking it fluently, can be a challenge. This can feel even more difficult for Latina women because they may grow up around a certain dialect or language all their lives and have difficulty learning to speak another. 10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed. Learning how to speak your partner’s language and embracing it is something that many men find sexy; hence why women love speaking Spanish in bed!

2) He understands everything.10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed.

You might worry that he won’t understand you or your body, but don’t let that stop you. It can be incredibly sexy when a man speaks to you in his native tongue. He will tell you exactly what he likes and how he wants it—and how good you make him feel when he makes love to you with his beautiful words.

If someone’s making love to me, I want them to be as passionate as possible; speaking another language with passion is often a turn-on for women who aren’t used to men taking initiative and being vocal about their desires. The tone of his voice should be enough of a turn-on for you—the fact that it’s in another language is a bonus.

10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed.
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3) We want to share our language with you.

If you’re lucky enough to be speaking with a Latina woman and she decides to speak her native language, you should take it as a compliment. You’re not just getting access to her mind and body, but also glimpsing into her very soul. 10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in BedSpeak back to her in Spanish and she will go crazy. This is because she loves your willingness to learn about Latin culture and share that with her at such an intimate moment! If your goal is to lose some weight you have come across something powerful here!

4) Being bilingual is a turn-on.

I’m Latino. I love speaking Spanish. So when I’m with a woman who can speak it, well… It’s pretty amazing. Let me explain why! It makes my mind race. Thinking about what I want to say and how I’m going to say it makes me think about other things (that may or may not involve her). It turned on a whole new part of my brain that just wasn’t working during a normal English language exchange.

5) It helps us get into the mood

Often, as a Latina woman making love to my partner, it just makes me feel more passionate and sensual if I think about our ancestors who did it naturally. Without a care in the world; without worrying about how they were going to have enough food or water for their families; our foremothers had sex for passion and pleasure, not for procreation. So when I’m on top of my man whispering Spanish words of love into his ear while he is inside me, I feel less inhibited, free from worries, and free from all inhibitions. All I am thinking about is feeling good as we make love to each other and nothing else.

6) Our bodies respond better to Spanish

We’re all sexual beings; we all have our own fantasies, fetishes, and kinks, and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to what makes us feel sexy. 10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed, one of those things is definitely speaking different languages during sex. Sure, talking dirty in English might get your partner going and make you feel like a boss for coming up with creative ways to describe exactly what you want them to do to you—but let’s be real: Being a total freak means speaking another language too. According to experts (really), we respond better when being spoken to in our native tongue.

7) We are proud of our heritage

Something is exciting about being able to share a bit of our culture with our partners. In Latin culture, we pride ourselves on our family and feel more open to divulging parts of ourselves when we are intimate with someone who shares that same passion. For example, if your partner has a special love language of quality time, making sure you take some time to speak your native tongue will not only impress him or her but also show them how much you care.

10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed. After all, learning another language is hard and usually takes a lot of effort—and it’s even harder to teach it to someone else. Taking it one step further by using that knowledge in bed shows how well you understand your partner and his or her needs.

8) It shows we are proud Latinas

While English is a beautiful language, there’s something so special about speaking our native tongue. We wouldn’t be Latinas if we didn’t have an attitude and speak with a bit of bravado. So when we say things like te amo or deja de hacer eso (stop doing that), it gets our partners interested. Maybe because they know it means that we want to take charge in bed, but either way it makes us feel sexy. Showing off our Latin culture isn’t just for pride – it also helps us show off our sensuality and womanly assets! And what can be sexier than that?

9) Accents turn us on!

Speaking another language is sexy and there’s a reason why—speaking with an accent intensifies emotions. Whether it’s passion, love, or desire, speaking another language can ramp up your feelings and level of arousal, says Laurie Mintz, Ph.D., author of Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters—And How To Get It. One small study found that women who spoke a second language reported increased sensations when they were stimulated during sex compared to their counterparts who only spoke one language!

Plus you can start learning how to speak Spanish at home tonight: Just sign up for a basic beginner course on a reputable website (The Free Language Project is free and accessible via mobile), load it onto your phone, and study while you’re commuting or traveling next time. 10 Reasons Why Latina Women Love Speaking Spanish in Bed

10) Just because…

Trust us, she likes it. It’s not always about what you say—sometimes it’s about who you are as a person and how much time you invest into learning another language. Plus, there’s evidence that supports more intense orgasms for bilingual women! If she speaks a different language than you do and is interested in exploring it together, try using these 10 reasons to chat up with your partner in her native tongue.

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